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Our mission statement reflects who we are: "St. Peter's is a family and community of faith that serves Christ and welcomes you on your journey with God. In His love, we follow, serve, and reach out to offer hospitality, hope, and healing."

We are a diverse community with many long-time residents of this area, yet are blessed to have families and individuals from various backgrounds, places, and occupations. St. Peter's has served our community since 1744.

If you join this faith community, you will experience people with vibrant faith, hearts devoted to serving their neighbors, and a good sense of humor.

As you browse our Web site, you will find many opportunities for outreach, education, fellowship and worship.

To learn more about our rector, Donna Jean Kiessling


For everyone's safety both the 8AM and 10AM services are cancelled today, Sunday, January 13. It is going to continue to snow into this afternoon; therefore, roads will be snow covered and we will be unable to keep our parking lots and sidewalks shovelled, salted, and safe. Please stay warm, dry and safe.

We pray for the safety for all plow drivers and first responders who will be out on the roads.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Episcopal faith, we encourage you to call (302-653-9691) or email us:
To email our rector, Donna Jean

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